Black Tap

is a craft burger and beer chain that started as a small place in New York and was brought to Dubai and later to many other cities by Sunset Hospitality Group.

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Bounce wit it, drop wit it
Lean wit it, rock wit it..

Black Tap is an award-winning burger and craft beer joint. Starting in Soho, New York City, it is the place where you come for an A-list legendary burger, and an ice cold IPA. A visit to Black Tap is an experience. Whether it's the music, the food or the vibes, Black Tap aims to offer much more than a dope meal. It offers you the real NYC vibes and experience. 

My role as a creative studio was to develop and localise the brand through content creation for the gulf cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Kuwait. I was creating the visual communications for Black Tap's restaurants such as menus, packaging, posters, small and big scale advertising artworks, as well as digital banners for online use. 

On getting social.

It seemed that the Black Tap people were enjoying the work, they asked me if I'd like to pitch for their social media content creation and management, and I did! This was when the real fun began. I had this restaurant that was opening in several cities and online platforms that were hungry for content content content! I was taking care of 4 different channels, and was creating daily content to be posted. I also co-directed some photoshoots (and ate a LOT of burgers). Below are some of the work I did in collaboration with Sunset Group.

Social media content