is a one-of-its-kind frozen food brand founded in the UAE.  13 Different meals and stews fully cooked using authentic and traditional recipes, and then blast frozen to naturally preserve all the nutrients. Delektia contains no preservatives or MSG, and is only cooked with high quality ingredients. Oh, and we just won Product Of The Year award in the UAE.

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Here comes the good food

Delektia is an award-winning food product that was founded in January 2021. Within a few months the brand made it to some of the UAE's biggest supermarkets. The demand kept growing that now Delektia is available at all supermarkets in the UAE as well as on online food ordering and grocery platforms. Delektia also just made its way to Jordan, and soon to many more countries around the world.

I was hired by Maika Global, Delektia's creative agency to work together on creating and developing the brand. Together, we explored the brand archetype, put the elements together, and created Delektia's identity. The creation process included all visual communications, packaging, and marketing collaterals. I am currently still working with Maika on artistically directing the brand, creating content, and creatively supporting the content team in Dubai. 

On getting social.

Besides the brand creation and development, I was working hand in hand with Maika Global on building Delektia's presence in the digital world. We started by defining our tone of voice as well as the kind of content we want to show. Keeping the brand's archetype and promise in mind, we went live with diverse content and studied how people were reacting to the new product as well as to what they are seeing on social media. After learning what works best, we then started collaborating with influencers and bloggers who helped us reach even more people from our target audience.