Motion Graphics

Below are some motion graphics projects showcasing the content creation done at Eleven Percent.

Live Love

Motion Graphics - Video Editing - Sound Design

I love this city, so much that I moved to The Netherlands so I can experience living in it. Maybe you'd agree with me that there is a certain magic about Amsterdam that you won't feel anywhere else in the world. The below video is my interpretation of how I see and what I feel about this city. 

Eleven percent

Motion Graphics 

I created this short video to highlight what I do through Eleven Percent, the creative solutions I offer and how I work with my clients. You can see some of the brands I supported throughout the 6 years of doing business through Eleven Percent.

Black Tap
Social Media

Motion Graphics - Content Design

Black Tap was one of my first accounts I managed when I started Eleven Percent. I was handling the content creation as well as the social media management for the brand's channels. This video was created to highlight the work done on Black Tap's main Instagram page.


Motion Graphics - Sound Design

GotStyle is an online fashion platform that offers a styling service which allows people to hire their own online stylist. The stylist gets to know their client's fashion preferences and sends them clothing items for them to purchase. This video was created as a teasing campaign to illustrate the concept.

Story Content

Motion Graphics

Simpligreen is a Freshly Frozen Spirulina product, branded by Eleven Percent and is currently sold in the Benelux. These video stories are some of the content we created for Simpligreen that was used on their Instagram and Facebook pages.