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Video & Motion:



#conceptualization #videoproduction

In the following series of video commercials, Eleven Percent collaborated with a production team in Lebanon to produce this campaign. 

The main story goes about a mother who likes to visit her children in Dubai. Although her children love that she cooks traditional and delicious dishes for them, she doesn't want to spend all her time in the kitchen, and this is how she discovered the magic of Delektia. By using Delektia, she was able to not only cook for her family but also throw dinner parties for the neighbors, become a convenience analyst, and give sound advice during coffee cup reading sessions...The following video scripts were written as short movies with a humouristic spin, with prominent cultural references to Lebanon and the Middle East.



​Director: Sandybelle Botrous

Producer: Liliane el Sous

Conceptualization & Script: Rashad Fatairy - Eleven Percent

Actress: Rita Niameh

To see Delektia's branding and know more about the brand:

Concept Videos

#conceptualization #motiongraphics #videoediting

The below projects are concept videos created for presentation purposes.

Concept videos

Live Love Amsterdam.

There is a certain magic about Amsterdam that you won't feel anywhere else in the world. This video illustrates just that. 

Black Tap Social Media performance video.

This video was created to highlight the work done on Black Tap's main Instagram page.

To see Black Tap's design work and know more about the brand:

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