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Looooong story shrt.

I'm Rashad and I am a visual identity designer. 

Eleven Percent is a creative studio that I started in 2015, aiming to help brands with their branded design work and content. I have since had the opportunity to work on countless design projects with many brands internationally and took part in supporting their marketing and creative teams with visual stories and branding creation and development.

I have spent many years of my career involving myself in all facets of graphic design. I have since built a good knowledge of visual identity, web, motion graphics, video, and content. I had the opportunity to work with great creatives and marketers at start-ups as well as at well-established brands and in diverse markets. All of this has given me ample knowledge about my industry generally and about design specifically.

As a visual identity designer, I have good knowledge of various design principles and a long view of how a visual story can be reflected across different design mediums. I can think of solutions to problems as a designer but also as a marketer, a brand manager, and the viewer whose attention and interest I want to grab.

Rashad Fatairy

Marcel Van Wolveren

Entrepreneur in the
plant-based economy

Rashad is extremely dedicated and professional with a great sense of brand development and strategy. He is truly a partner who can work with you to take your brand and all its manifestations to the next level. Fast, helpful and with a great price-quality ratio.

Madelon van der Tol

Marketing & Growth Strategist
Founder: September Growth

I worked with Rashad on branding and based on my experience I can recommend working with him! Rashad understands the emotive aspects of pack design and brand design, and knows how to develop a brand visual identity from a creative standpoint. He sees the big picture while paying attention to detail. Rashad is also very responsive and communicative, making it easy to work with him.

Sherif Abaza

Chief Growth Officer:

Rashad is a pleasure to work with. He blends in completely with his client and becomes an extension of the team. Fast, efficient and very creative, we are very pleased with our collaboration with him and hope to continue to do more great design work in the future.

Why call it Eleven Percent?

When I first started Eleven Percent back in 2015, I wanted to support humanitarian causes from the profits I made. Since 11 has always been my lucky number I decided to donate 11% of my profits per project to local NGOs that are doing the hard work to keep communities, children, and families alive, safe, and have access to clean water and medication. During the 5 years that followed, I was able to support many causes that were close to my heart; something I will always be grateful to have done.

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