is a Travel marketplace connecting people all over the world through food and experiences.

It's all about having an authentic
experience just like the locals.

The rationale from the below artworks was to illustrate how Withlocals can guarantee and facilitate an authentic travel experience. Whether travelers are looking for the best local hotspots, exploring cities with the locals, or enjoying great local bites, all can be found and booked directly on Withlocals' online platform.


Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT.

During the lockdown, the travel sector was the first to take a hit. This affected many travel companies, some of which had to close down. Withlocals, being the innovative people that they are, were quick to make a turn. They started an extension to what they do called Withlocals Business which targetted companies who were looking for ways to keep the office culture alive while working from home and offer their teams an experience. They created many events from around the world where teams can join to get together and learn about other cities, cook together virtually, or play and compete with each other. My role was to create all the digital assets that went on the newly built platform where all the teams virtually met, as well as the digital and printed content for each event.